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Fabulous Arches & Columns

Arches and columns can add elegance and design elements that will make your event memorable and a spectacle to behold. There are several types of arches available, the two main arches are called Garland Arches and String of Pearl Arches. Garland arches look most like a garland of balloons; they can have up to 5 different colors and have designs such as swirls, diamonds, flowers, arrows and zigzags. Garland arches can be helium filled and air filled on frames. The String of Pearl ballon arches are helium filled on monofilament line. Decorative ribbon or tulle can be used at the bottom of each balloon for a more dramatic effect.

Weddings & Events

Merry Makers is a full service balloon decorating company. Our decorating is specially crafted to meet our client's needs from amazing sculpture designs to classic balloon decor. Our designs are customized to the event and custom designed by Allison Dunning and the Merry Makers Crew. We offer professional full size bows, pew bows,ribbons, balloon drops, balloon releases, columns, canopies, curly poles, Cinderella carriage, full-room theme decorating and accent decorating (example: centerpieces, canopies, arches and columns). Visit our wedding site at for more information.

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Beautiful Balloon Drops

Balloon Drops are the best of the best when you are talking about interactive balloon design. Drops are designed based on the location and need of the client. We use both a remote controlled release or a manual release for large drops, heart drops and star drops and pop drops. Watching the big balloons burst and release a cascade of little balloons is truly an awe inspiring experience.

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Balloon Sculptures

We are able to make anything, any size, any color and just about any where. Our saying is that we are limited by time and space... Allison is an award winning balloon designer and works with frames and balloons to create amazing sculptures. She has built full scale scenes including people, trains, trees, airplanes, rocket ships, snowmen, and so much more. So let your imagination soar!! Call today to make your dreams come true!

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Celebrate Everything is Merry Makers & Decorators Wedding and Elegant balloon website. Many of our brides and corporate clients indicated that our main site (while wonderful) was very geared toward the entertainment side of our business. Celebrate Everything is designed to showcase the decor end of our business. WE specialize in Custom and classic balloon decor, everything from Dance Floor canopies to balloon drops.. Weddings, Grand openings, corporate parties, celebrations of all kinds are just a few of the occasions you might need our creativity.

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